Album of known Tempest Vantique

Tempest E378NCK prototype no 1 ,registered as Tempest  , 2″ slimmer than later cars , completed in the winter of 1987 and used on
trade plates by Ian Foster for a few months, before being registered in
1988. It was sold to Robert Porter when a production prototype had
been completed. Robert was a trials fanatic, and was soon collecting
award winning performances on strenuous events like the MCC Land¶s
End and Exeter 24 hour trials.
Eventually the car was sold into the Liverpool area when it
disappeared for many years before
 being rediscovered by Dave Smith.

Scan_20180622 (4)

Scan_20180622 (8)

,rebuilt engine,brakes, springs. now with Mike Bradley in Fraserburgh.

Ian in Sunny Sussex is the guy to speak to 07989317523

tempest nck red 1

tempest nck 2

Tempest 850 B826VBU Jonathan White’s car has  been off the radar long time


Tempest 850 SRH949R car no 14

1st kit by John Box ,Disc brakes with stainless carriers. sump guard
Gaz suspension all round adjustable ride height and damping.
four into one exhaust Tempest ,big bore side exit exhaust.
New hood ,side screens, tonnage cover by Andy Taylor
14″ Morris wheels
4.5:1 axle option

Andy Gambrell happy owner 2019

Tempest 850 G89TRA


before bonnet/nose cone/light change and substantial weight reduction

Piks show original Crocodile bonnet

P1010753 (1)
Now looks like this .

Registered as Tempest convertible PLG 1990  with galvanised Fox chassis

Tempest upgraded with
Disc brakes with stainless carriers
Gaz suspension all round adjustable ride hight and damping.
four into one exhaust manifold ,big bore exhaust.
bench seats by Andy Taylor
Rostyle wheels ,fiberglass boot liner skin + opening “boot” lid , jack +tool mounts/tray , rests for drivers passengers feet , dropped in spare wheel , locking fuel cap , ported head, Rebel race inlet manifold , electronic ignition , Sports air filter +carb needle , tow bar with trailer board plugs hidden underneath ,door pockets, phone pockets , wrapped rear springs , steel encased fuel lines……


P1010362 (2)
WOB 164T Tempest 950 with factory option Chrysler Sunbeam engine.
5 link suspension
Mechanical anti roll
Compomotive wheels
Electronic ignition/fan/fuel pump
powder coated chassie
Belonged to Ian Beveridge 2017
Tempest 850 MOI2409
15″ spoke wheels
Four branch Tempest exhaust
Servo Brakes
Andy Taylor door cards and seats
Well know car ,lived in France ,featured on Spanish TV
lived with Rob Shallcross who added lots of stainless , moved on in 2019 to Richard Mather for £10,000
Tempest 850 NVT544P
Dave Pierce car
 lots of good stuff , uprated suspension
4 branch
14″ wheels +4;1 diff
Kitten chassis
Reliant Kitten convertible 1976
now with removable side screens , updated grill, standard rear lights
Tempest 850 A79MKN Dave Price car , well set up car with heavy flywheel , different cam and work to head and valves.
A79MKN tempest purple
Tempest 850  A568OEW
registered as  Reliant Tempest ,body type  sports 1983 PLG
006 (4)
Disc brakes,spoked wheels
very low with rear axle sat on top of the springs
was in Bristol with Austin Pete now off to Gloucester with Clint
Tempest 850 A296MBU (the lost one)
Kitten chassi
engine/box/brakes/suspension all done. nearly finished , with new take on the remote gearchange, in the capable hands of Nigel in Sunny Cotswolds
Tempest 850 D413RBV
John Wilks driving.
4/1 side exit pipe ,adjustable dampers
alloy wheels luggage rack,spot lights
Mewsletter cover car
Reliant Rebel remote gearchange set up
Tempest3 B583JAP
Tempest three wheeler using all Reliant parts
Tempest 850 EGT 205T
001 (12)
Spoke wheels ,chrome bumpers
Tempest 850 ESU486
built 1990 owned by Steve Campbell , most expensive built car at time £10,000
Tempest 850 F562VFR
f562vfr tempestyellow
John Box demonstrator “Very Fast Reliant”
Owned by Dave Smith then Howard Wadsworth.
Tempest 11W1115 First Tempest (former registration of F562 VFR?)
Scan_20170625 (5)
Tempest 850TT F878GEC
tempest F878 GEC ray brittan
Trials spec with high wings, no doors, smaller wheels and narrower body  .
Modified by John Bamber  has  ‘A’series engine, type 9 gearbox, BMC 5 link rear axle with coilovers, Ford front hubs with disc brakes and Rover rear drums with 15″ wires
mDec (2)
dMar (2)
Tempest 850 H102DKH
Tempest met green
Tempest 850 J748HTP
008 (4)
Factory built car with discs , Taylor interior  , seat squabs for more leg room , 4/1 exhaust.
Moved abroad to the Netherlands
Tempest Raptor LRP594P
Scan_20170626 (2)
Later model Tempest by John Box and last four wheeled Reliant.
the very last Fox chassis made by Beans
Tempest A417GDC with BRM 850 ohc motor
gdc tempest (2)
bJan (2)
Scan_20170625 (2).jpg
james holland tempest
Tempest L685KFR
Image903381862306721939And with a boot.
Back on the road with new Mot , very smart factory built car , possibly looking for new home in the Spring
Tempest 95 RGG945R
on Kitten chassis  registered as Tempest (Reliant approved build)
Morris axle and anti tramp bars.
2020 missing the 950 engine and in need of a lot of work .
1976-reliant-tempest-rgg (2)
2021 back on the road with a 850 fitted , Mariana rear diff , discs and 4 linkage at rear,
all thanks to Maurice Jennings in Stockton on Tees
 Stuart Halstead / Guy Stanley built car ,getting grubby with John and Jacqui Box
Austin Tempest 850
 Austin chassis with Tempest bodywork , engine and gearbox
Tempest 850 MOM106P
Tempest 850 NKC598S
County of Herefordshire-20120419-00173
Gaz Suspension
Kitten Chassis
Hardtop version
on spoke wheels (Midget)
Martyn Seymour car
Kitten chassis +reg 1977
2017 now on Cobras and a 4 into one side exit big bore .
Tempest 850 PNA697W
now fitted with Ford 1300 crossflow engine
+box  , built by John Melody in Preston  now owned by Alan Hall in Wigan
Tempest 850 SLM151W
Tempest 850 G999TKN
tempest g999tkn
Dave Smiths car to 2001 , then used by Ian and Chris Lawson for production car trials.
Winning Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs Clubman Championship 2002,
with two overall wins,a few first and second in class awards.
Class win in ACSMC championship 2003 with Chris winning the Clubman championship
Tempest 850 FIB915
Tempest 850 TEX912R
class win in the 2000 Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs Trials Championship, and a third in the RACMSA National Championship the same year by Jack Williams.
Now lives in Hay on Wye with a stable of other Reliants .
Tempest 850 YRP547W
with Yoland and Roger Brown of Tempest Register fame
tempest wittington 2013
Andy Shaw Tempest nearing completion
Regal rear diff centre , 5 point linkage , disc brakes ……….
andy shaw piks (2)
andy shaw piks (3)
Tempest 850 registration ?img225
Tempest TT 850
Don’t know much about this one, early trail car without doors, 4 branch and rebuilt engine , came from Oldham Reliant and currently up for sale
IMG_6208 (2)
Vantique  J708MCW
now looking very sad
vantique green sign
but since been saved and being restored by Ken WellsIMG_6532
Vantique  NKN602P no 10
Tempest Cars works van /mobile advertising board
Just done its first 10k miles.
Last Vantique built, goes out every day.
Reliant Kitten Van Historic
Vantique H52WCW
Reliant Parts World Ltd works van
And in a former livery.
New look again in 2019
Vantique  HBZ6572 (formerly J698CRS)looking sad , belonged to Bryan J delos Santos-Moon and then Tim Medhurst who had engine electrics and brakes rebuilt.
Fox chassis
Vantique light van PLG 1992
Just back in the fold , new roof covering ,hood lining and possibly looking for new home.
Hughes removal van in York G180LCK
vantique LCK
Vantique  J514UOB
Vantique H255PUK was in Co Armagh now in North Wales in Red and Cream
plenty still to find , and info on these below would be great .
Ian Johnson owner of the Green van no 9 J176OCK just got in touch
“hello,i am the owner,user of vantique no.9,J176OCK,bought by me in april 2005 from jane ohare(florist/retired),i have
ran,worked,showed this vehicle for over 112+years now, but due to disability(stroke )& finding i can still drive an automatic with steering aid-my friends & i are currently converting vantique to automatic,lodgesons steering knob with indicator/horn,etc buttons is also getting fitted… is 19/june 2020 and at this moment the van is sitting safely in my double size garage in yarm,cleveland on 4 x axle stands approx 16in off the ground with the totally rebuilt rear axle/springs/etc due to fit monday/tuesday,engine/auto box are fitted,and new propshaft has been bought,the van has brand new aluminium sides & tailgate/all trims & is in plain alloy & british racing green bonnet/front panels(interestingly the very first colour is a royal blue”
looking forward for some pictures if this one !
Chiswick auctions had one parked up out front
Meant to be a Vantique sat in a garden, somewhere in Birmingham?
Blue van went to Ireland and had a dash fire
Blue van poss at factory pre registration
009 (4)
bust lugging carpets in 1997 where is she now ?
Scan_20180613 (5)
MNC104P Tempest kit no1  Joe Boulderstone-Salthouse  Tempest Registrar 2004
Meant to be a Vantique sat in a garden, somewhere in Birmingham?
Blue van went to Ireland and has a dash fire
Have chassi numbers for another 5 cars
We have a rolling Tempest chassis here that was at Stoneleigh.